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Working as a fiscal sponsor for many different projects that directly impact our rural communities

would not be possible with out help from other groups, agencies and community organizations.

CEKC values all the tremendous skills, resources and knowledge they share with us!

If you know of a grant that could help your community, or have a project that supports our mission of strengthening the social and economic well being of local residents, please talk with us!  We can provide fiscal sponsorship, training and other resources to help you get your project up and running successfully. 



KSC-ABC Asset Building Coalition

Klickitat-Skamania ABC (Asset Building Coalition)

The Klickitat-Skamania Asset Building Coalition works to assist local families and communities in asset building as a way to increase economic prosperity and well-being. This is a direct result of the WSU and Northwest Area Foundation HORIZONS program,

which provided leadership training and development in rural communities

across the Pacific Northwest.
The desired outcomes of the Klickitat-Skamania Asset Building Coalition are to increase prosperity, enhance the quality of life, and strengthen the economic well-being of residents in Klickitat and Skamania Counties.

To learn more:

Washington State University Extension

WSU-Extension works with CEKC to help develop sustainable agricultural projects and programs in our two rural counties. and 

Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD)

MCEDD promotes the creation of family-wage jobs, the diversification of the economic base and the growth, development and retention of business and industry within the five-county district in Oregon and Washington State that make up

the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

The MCEDD region of Oregon and Washington was selected as the pilot area for development and deployment of the Agora Investment Platform. The Platform is available to capital providers and community leaders strategically charged with economic development in the MCEDD region.

The Agora Platform links communities and capital providers. It provides an online marketplace to advance community and economic development priorities by matching community        needs with relevant funding sources across public,                  private and philanthropic sectors.

Join Agora, connect to regional networks, and manage projects at, or click on the link in the top menu.


Klickitat County Economic Development

Visit our site at:​

Skamania County Economic Development Council

Mid-Columbia Housing Authority

Promoting Family Self-Sufficiency


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